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What Happened to the SCTV Alum?

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews two new comedies starring two stars from "SCTV," and wonders why they haven't been more successful. They are Martin Short who's starring with Danny Glover in, "Pure Luck," and John Candy whose new film is "Delirious."


A Clown Worth Watching.

Critic Laurie Stone reviews British performer and clown Geoff Hoyle. In his solo piece, "Feast of Fools," Hoyke uses physical and verbal comedy to portray a series of caricatures. Though Hoyle has training in classical theatre and mime, STONE says his performance is anything but refined. Hoyle is performing "Feast of Fools," in New York.


Specials for Monty Python's 20th Anniversary.

Television critic David Bianculli two Showtime cable specials about the British comedy group, Monthy Python's Flying Circus. The specials are called "Life of Python," and "Twenty Years of Monty Python--Parrot Sketch Not Included." David says they're both fun, but both fall short of telling the full story of the group.


Billy Crystal Plays Moscow.

Critic at large Laurie Stone reviews comic Billy Crystal's new HBO special, "Midnight Train to Moscow." The premise is that Crystal has been invited to be the first American stand-up artist to perform in the Soviet Union. In addition to his act, there are cameo appearances by a flock of Crystal characters.

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