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We remember film and television director Ted Demme

Ted Demme died Sunday at the age of 38 from a heart attack. He was playing basketball when he died. Early in his career he produced Yo! MTV Raps. He won an Emmy in 1999 for co-producing the civil-rights TV movie, A Lesson Before Dying. Demme film credits include Who the Man, The Ref, Snitch, and Blow. Ted Demme was the nephew of film maker Jonathan Demme.


The Sounds of 1982.

Rock historian Ed Ward concludes his look at the last four decades of rock with a profile of 1982.


MTV's Tenth Anniversary.

It was 10 years ago today that MTV first debuted. Television critic David Bianculli looks back at the network's influence.


Life After the Monkees

Former Monkees member Michael Nesmith helped pioneer the music video and created the blueprint for MTV. He now runs the home video production company, Pacific Arts Video, which he financed with an inheritance from his mother, who invented Liquid Paper.


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