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'Pioneer Recording Bands 1917-1920'

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Pioneer Recording Bands 1917-1920, a new collection of jazz recorded before 1920 by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and the Earl Fuller Orchestra.


Rock historian Ed Ward

Rock historian Ed Ward tells the story of Frisco Records, a New Orleans soul label run by a female fry-cook.


Jerry Strahan of Lucky Dogs.

Jerry Strahan is the author of the memoir "Managing Ignatius: The Lunacy of Lucky Dogs and Life in the Quarter" (Louisiana State University) about his 20 years managing Lucky Dogs, Inc., a fleet of hot dog carts in New Orleans, French Quarter. Strahan writes that he works among panhandlers, prostitutes, pimps, con artists, drifters, transvestites, and more.


The American Cities that Gave Us Rock and Roll: New Orleans.

Rock historian Ed Ward continues his series on cities and rock and roll. Today's city is New Orleans. Artists discussed include Dave Bartholomew, Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, Little Richard, Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, Dr. John (Mac Rebennack), The Meters, The Neville Brothers,


Controversial Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis Enjoys Worldwide Recognition

The Grammy Award-winning jazz musician Wynton Marsalis. He's been playing the trumpet since he was six, and won his first Grammy at 20. Marsalis is also the cofounder and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center. He recently announced that he is breaking up the Septet so he can spend more time with the Lincoln Center. "Sweet Swing Blues on the Road" is his new book, written in collaboration with photographer Frank Stewart.


Novelist James Lee Burke.

Novelist James Lee Burke. He's been writing for 35 years but he's best known for his more recent detective novels about Dave Robicheaux (ROW-bah-show), a recovering alcoholic, who is also a troubled Vietnam vet, and a New Orleans police lieutenant. The books are: "The Neon Rain," "Heaven's Prisoners," "Black Cherry Blues," and "A Morning for Flamingos." His fifth Robicheaux novel is, "A Stained White Radiance." (published by Hyperion).


Lee Dorsey Survives the New Orleans' Music Scene

Its easy for musicians to fall out favor in the city if they don't keep up with the latest sounds. But Lee Dorsey, who started singing at 35, was never interested in following the trends. Rock historian Ed Ward has this profile.


Irma Thomas at the Wrong Place and Right Time

The queen of New Orleans soul would have been a bigger star if she had moved to New York or Los Angeles earlier in her career, argues rock historian Ed Ward. Despite her local success, Thomas only had a few national hits. But by all accounts, she's happy now, performing in regional blues circuits and raising her four children.


The Rocking Music of Mardi Gras

Rock historian Ed Ward says the city has long celebrated the holiday with rock music, some of which incorporated Black Indian traditions and style.


Documenting the "New New Orleans"

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says that a number of New Orleans musicians left the city after they rose to prominence. He reviews a new series of albums featuring the innovations of players who stayed in their hometown.


Dr. John on Dr. John

After weeks of playing the music that has influenced him over the years, performer-in-residence Malcom Rebennack sings some of his own songs.


A Black Rock Entrepreneur with a Great Voice to Boot

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles New Orleans rocker Lloyd Price was one of the earliest black rock 'n rollers. He first recorded on the Special T label, and had hits with the songs "Personality" and his version of the old folk tale "Stagger Lee." He adopted a pop sound after New York City, started a few record labels, and owns several nightclubs.


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