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Mark Kramer On American Soil.

Mark Kramer is the author of the book "Three Farms: Making Milk, Meat And Money from the American Soil." Kramer joins the show to discuss the American agricultural and livestock industries and their effects on the environment and small farms.


Robert Rodale on Natural Foods

The head of the Rodale Press strongly supports natural foods both for their health benefits and the environmentally-responsible way they're produced. He seeks to strike a balance between his company's profit-making concerns and its advocacy for healthier lifestyles.


Regional Food with Jane and Michael Stern.

Husband and wife Jane Stern and Michael Stern spend much of their time on the road in search of good food and Americana. They have written several books about their travels including "Road Food" and "Horror Holiday." Their latest work "Goodfood" is about regional cuisine around the United States. Jane and Michael Stern will discuss Philadelphia and Middle-Atlantic cuisine and respond to listener calls.


Marge Piercy's "Fly Away Home."

Poet and novelist Marge Piercy's work often discusses feminism and leftist organizing. Her newest novel "Fly Away Home," is about a famous chef who discovers that her marriage has fallen apart and that her husband has a secret life.


Calvin Trillin on Eating Out.

Humorist and reporter Calvin Trillin is known for his food columns for The New Yorker, which have been collected in three books. Trillin also writes a humor column, "Uncivil Liberties," for The Nation. His second collection of these columns, "With All Disrespect," has recently been published.


A Nutty Comedy about Food

Stephen Schiff says that the recent Japanese movie Tampopo pays homage to the Seventh Samurai and countless other films. The food-obsessed plot is both absurd and telling: the movie satisfies and leaves you hungry for more.


Food Writer Mimi Sheraton.

Food writer Mimi Sheraton. She is the food critic for Time Magazine. She has written for the New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine, and she's written several books on food and dining out and now publishes a newsletter.


Wines and Their "Personalities" with Robert Parker.

Wine critic Robert Parker. Widely regarded as the world's most influential wine critic, Parker takes a strongly consumerist view of his craft, warning consumers about overrated, overpriced wines. His opinions are recorded in his monthly newsletter The Wine Advocate. A Parker rating of 90 for a wine (on a 50-100 scale) virtually guarantees a sellout for the shipment.


A Fiction Writer Turns to Food

Novelist Laurie Colwin has published a collection of essays about food called Home Cooking. While many of her friends enjoy traveling, her idea of a good time is staying home and making a good meal. She also cooks for the needy at homeless shelters.


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