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Colorful spices in a market in Marrkech

Food & Cooking




Food Writer Mimi Sheraton.

Food writer Mimi Sheraton. She is the food critic for Time Magazine. She has written for the New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine, and she's written several books on food and dining out and now publishes a newsletter.


Wines and Their "Personalities" with Robert Parker.

Wine critic Robert Parker. Widely regarded as the world's most influential wine critic, Parker takes a strongly consumerist view of his craft, warning consumers about overrated, overpriced wines. His opinions are recorded in his monthly newsletter The Wine Advocate. A Parker rating of 90 for a wine (on a 50-100 scale) virtually guarantees a sellout for the shipment.


A Fiction Writer Turns to Food

Novelist Laurie Colwin has published a collection of essays about food called Home Cooking. While many of her friends enjoy traveling, her idea of a good time is staying home and making a good meal. She also cooks for the needy at homeless shelters.


Hong Kong and Chinese Food.

Chinese chef Ken Hom. He's the author of the new cookbook, "Fragrant Harbor Taste: The New Chinese Cooking of Hong Kong." Hong Kong is in the midst of a culinary revolution, with Japanese, European, and American foods and styles of preparation all merging with traditional Chinese cuisine. Hom has taught cooking in Hong Kong for the past ten years. He's also written several previous cookbooks and hosted the public T-V series "Ken Hom's Chinese Cookery."


Julia Child Discusses Essential Knowledge for Modern Home Cooks in her New Book "The Way to Cook."

The French Chef, Julia Child. She spent three decades explaining the mysteries of classic French cuisine to modern American audiences. Child has hosted several cooking shows on Public Television, earning Peabody and Emmy Awards in the process, and written several cookboks. Her new book, is titled "The Way to Cook." It's a 50-dollar tome Child's words...tells "everything [I] know about the essentials of cooking today."


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