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Colorful spices in a market in Marrkech

Food & Cooking




Mark Kramer On American Soil.

Mark Kramer is the author of the book "Three Farms: Making Milk, Meat And Money from the American Soil." Kramer joins the show to discuss the American agricultural and livestock industries and their effects on the environment and small farms.


What to Eat When You're On the Road.

Jane and Michael Steern are the authors of "Roadfood," a guidebook which reviews inexpensive restaurants within ten miles of highways. They join the show to discuss car travel and road trips.


Advocating for a Low-Fat, Natural Diet

Nutritionist Nathan Pritikin outlines his ideal diet to curtail heart disease and keep weight low. He recommends eschewing dairy and sticking to low-fat, low-protein, unprocessed foods.


Robert Rodale on Natural Foods

The head of the Rodale Press strongly supports natural foods both for their health benefits and the environmentally-responsible way they're produced. He seeks to strike a balance between his company's profit-making concerns and its advocacy for healthier lifestyles.


Calvin Trillin on Getting A "Third Helping."

"Populist gourmet" Calvin Trillin is a journalist, humorist, and food writer. His latest work is "Third Helpings." He joins the show to discuss his work and contemporary food culture, including potato skins and the "bacon-bit barrier."


Regional Food with Jane and Michael Stern.

Husband and wife Jane Stern and Michael Stern spend much of their time on the road in search of good food and Americana. They have written several books about their travels including "Road Food" and "Horror Holiday." Their latest work "Goodfood" is about regional cuisine around the United States. Jane and Michael Stern will discuss Philadelphia and Middle-Atlantic cuisine and respond to listener calls.


A Critic Never Eats "Out on a Saturday Night"

Philadelphia restaurant critic Jim Quinn's new book advises readers how to choose the best places to eat based on atmosphere, price, service, and menu options. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.

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