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Hank Ballard

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Remembering Hank Ballard

We remember singer/ songwriter HANK BALLARD. He wrote and recorded the song Chubby Checker later made famous, “The Twist.” Ballard died Sunday after a bout with throat cancer. This interview was recorded in 1993.


The History of the "Twist."

Chubby Checker got the credit for "The Twist," but the real credit goes to Hank Ballard who wrote the song and recorded it first (with the Midnighters') in 1958. Balalrd was a notorious figure in the early days of rhythm and blues. His song "Work with me Annie," was considered too lewd for many stations to play. Anyway, Ballard gets the credit for "The Twist," in a new documentary, "Twist" by film maker Ron Mann. Terry talks with both Hank Ballard and Ron Mann.

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