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Prized 'Tales of Hoffmann' Opera on DVD

The 1951 film version of the Offenbach opera The Tales of Hoffmann, now on DVD, is recognized as a masterpiece of dark storytelling from the British team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.


DVD Review: 'Sweeney Todd'

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the new DVD of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd. The production was shown on TV in with Angela Lansbury, 25 years ago.


Original Broadway cast albums

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new series of original Broadway cast albums from shows that didn’t succeed but which contained numbers that shouldn’t be forgotten. (on DECCA).


Singer Vernel Bagneris

Singer Vernel Bagneris wrote, directed and starred in the 1979 hit show, One Mo' Time. It's being revived and opens on Broadway this week at the Longacre Theater. The setting is a hot, sultry night at New Orleans' Lyric Theatre in the 1920s. Bagneris performs Charlestons, rags, cakewalks, and other songs of the Vaudeville age, including "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight," "Down in Honky Tonk Town" and "Everybody Loves My Baby." This interview first aired June 21, 2000.


A Great Way to Cap Kurt Weill's Centennial.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the reissue of the original cast album of the legendary 1954 Theatre de Lys’ Off-Broadway production of Kurt Weill’s “Threepenny Opera” starring Lotte Lenya. It’s on the Decca label.


Reissues of Great Cast Albums.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews original cast albums of Broadway musicals that have just been reissued. They include “Finian’s Rainbow,” “The Pajama Game,” “Bye Bye Birdie,” and “Kismit” (all on Sony) and “Guys and Dolls” (on Decca).


One of Kurt Weill's Most Neglected Works.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the world-premiere recording of Kurt Weill’s opera Die Buergschaft—The Pledge (on EMI). It’s one of Weill’s most neglected works first performed in Berlin in 1932, and was revived last year during the Spoleto Festival USA.


Kelsey Grammar's Risk Doesn't Exactly Pay Off.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new production of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” starring Kelsey Grammar of “Frasier.” The show is in tryouts in Boston this week and opens on Broadway next.

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