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"Ink" Should Work, but Disappoints

TV critic David Bianculli says the new sitcom is positioned to draw viewers back to network TV with its star Ted Danson -- but it's not love at first sight.


The Super Bowl and "Friends."

T.V. critic David Bianculli on the Super Bowl hype, and the special episode of "Friends" which airs after the Super Bowl.


Comedienne, Actress, and Writer Ellen DeGeneres.

Stand up comic Ellen DeGeneres, the star of the sitcom "Ellen." The show airs on Wednesday nights on ABC. Last year DeGeneres co-hosted the 1994 Emmy awards and received a People's Choice Award for Favorite Female in a New Television series. She now has a new book, My Point. . . And I Do Have One. (Bantam News).


Only One of Two New Sitcoms Delivers

Veteran writing and production teams premiere two new shows this week: "Double Rush," about messengers in New York; and "Women of the House," a lukewarm political satire.


PBS Introduces a Rare, New Comedy Series

TV critic David Bianculli reviews the new public television sitcom “The Steven Banks Show," starring the comedian of the same name. Bianculli says it's a little like "Seinfeld," but with more music.


Comedienne Roseanne Discusses Her Life and Career.

Comedienne and superstar Roseanne Arnold. Her show "Roseanne" debuted in 1988 and has consistently been a top TV series. She has often made news--she forced out the show's executive producer in a dramatic confrontation, she went public with accusations of incest, she performed a controversial rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at a baseball game. In 1989, she published her first book, "Roseanne: My Life as a Woman" which became a best seller. Now she has written "My Lives" (Ballantine Books).


"I Spy" Sequel Loses to NBC's Regular Line Up.

Television critic David Bianculli reviews the new CBS telemovie "I Spy Returns," which re-pairs stars Bill Cosby and Robert Culp from the old "I Spy" series. Bianculli tells us how the telemovie stacks up against its competition, the regular lineup of NBC sitcoms.


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