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The Long-Term Fate of Saddam Hussein

Now that combat has ended in the Persian Gulf, Fred Halliday, professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics speculates on the fate of Iraq's dictator, who, as of now, remains in power.


The Soviet Union's Motives for Brokering Peace with Iraq

Fred Halliday, professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics, discusses some possible motives for the Soviet Union's attempt to find an end to the Gulf War -- including how these negotiations could affect relations with the United States. He'll also give us a primer on the history of the Soviet Union's relations with Iraq.


Plotting a Course Toward a Stable Iraq

We talk with Iraq emigre Laith Kubba, the leader of the London-based group, "The Conference on Human Rights and Democracy in Iraq." He'll give his view of this morning's peace proposal, and he'll discuss the feasibility of democracy in a post-Saddam Iraq.


Monitoring Human Rights in the Middle East

We look at the state of human rights in the region--particularly in Iraq before the start of the Gulf War--as well as elsewhere around the world. Kenneth Roth, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch, shares his insights.


The Growing Arsenal of Third World Dictatorships

Sunday Times journalist James Adams reports on the increase of chemical weapons stores in Iraq -- which was fueled in part by the actions of wealthier, Western countries. He says dictators around the world are more likely to use their weapons stores, which poses a problem for developed countries. An expert on the arms business, Adams believes war between the United States and Iraq is inevitable.


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