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Author Kinzer Charts 'Century of Regime Change'

Stephen Kinzer has reported from more than 50 countries for The New York Times and has been the paper's bureau chief in Turkey, Germany, and Nicaragua. In his new book, Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq, he writes that in the past 110 years, America has overthrown 14 governments that displeased them for "ideological, political, and economic" reasons.


Writer Allegra Goodman on How Orthodox Jews Live Outside Their Communities

Terry's interview with Allegra Goodman, the author of the novel, "Kaaterskill Falls" (Dial Press) about an orthodox Jewish family in upstate New York. This is Goodman's first novel. Her previous work, a collection of stories, "The Family Markowitz," was hailed by critics. One critic for the New York Times writes, "Goodman is brillant at capturing the clutter of both interior and exterior life. . .These stories sound like no one else's as she sharply appraises the shifts and quandaries of one variety of American Jewish life."


A New Film Tells the Story of Japanese American Picture Brides

Writer/Director Kayo Hatta. Her film "Picture Bride," is the story of a young woman who moves to Hawaii as a "picture bride." Picture brides were Japanese women who moved to Hawaii in order to marry the Japanese plantation workers who settled there. The women would only have seen a picture of their future husband before they were married. The film is Hatta's first commercial release and the first Hawaiian production to gain a commercial release, and also won the 1995 Sundance Film Festival Audience Award for best dramatic film.


Ronald Takaki Discusses the Asian American Experience.

Ronald Takaki. He's the grandson of Japanese immigrants and a professor of Ethnic Studies at Berkeley. His book, Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans, tells the diverse stories of Asian immigrants who have come to the United States during the past century and a half. Takaki relates the personal testimonies of new immigrants and their American-born children.


W. S. Merwin Shares His Poems.

Poet W.S.Merwin. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his 1970 work, The Carriers of Ladders. His books of poetry include The Song of Roland, The Compass Flower and, his latest collection, The Rain in the Trees.


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