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Jackson, Michael, 1958-2009

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Michael Jackson and the Music Video.

Television critic David Bianculli reviews last night's premiere of Michael Jackson's new music video, "Black Or White." He also discusses how Jackson has changed the world of music videos.


Thomas Lennon Discusses Tabloid Journalism.

Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker and producer, Thomas Lennon. His newest documentary examines the interaction between the tabloid press and the mainstream media: "Tabloid Truth: the Michael Jackson Scandal" (which airs on PBS stations February 15th). By watching the story of alleged sexual abuse swell from verifiable news to national spectacle, Lennon questions the state of American journalism, as CNN fights for the same stories once relegated to the National Inquirer.


'This Is It' Offers Rare Peek At The King Of Pop

What This Is It lacks in tactful timing, it makes up for with perspective on Michael Jackson's backstage life. Although Jackson's star persona stays front and center, critic David Edelstein says director Kenny Ortega makes a real effort to show us the performer's human side — a treat that makes the King of Pop all the more stellar.


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