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Excello Records: The Challenges of the 1960s.

Rock historian Ed Ward has part II of his look at Excello records. A Nashville based blues studio that between 1952 and 1975 released hundreds of records that influenced performers from Elvis Presley to the Rolling Stones.


A Bluesman Who Defies Stereotypes.

Critic Milo Miles tells us about the work of blues guitarist John Jackson whose latest album is "Front Porch Blues" (Alligator Records). He's also got two vintage collections: "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down" and "Country Blues and Ditties" (Arhoolie Records).


A Clapton Contemporary Returns with His Own Blues Stylings

Critic Milo Miles has a retrospective of British blues guitarist Peter Green who founded the group Fleetwood Mac, then dropped out and stopped performing. Now Green has a new album, "Robert Johnson Songbook" (Artisan label). Two earlier Green albums are: "Then Play On" (Reprise) and "Green and Guitar" (Music Club label).


Remembering Legendary Rhythm and Blues Singer Johnny Adams.

Adams died Monday at the age of 67. We present a rebradcast of an interview with Adams that took place in December of 1997. He was one of songwriter Doc Pomus' favorite singers. He recorded a collection of Doc Pomus songs, "Johnny Adams sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me." His most recent album is "Man of My Word," released in August (Rounder). Adams died of cancer. (Originally aired 12/12/97)


Olu Dara's Album Illuminates the Origins of Jazz.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews the CD "In the World From Natchez to New York" by Olu Dara from Atlantic Records. Dara who plays coronet, has been a fixture in the New York jazz scene since the 1970's. He performed with drummer Art Blakey, Julius Hemphill, David Murray and Henry Threadgill. This is his first CD of his own.


The History of Pop Music.

Saxophonist, guitarist, and musicologist Allen Lowe. He's the author of the book "American Pop: from Minstrel to Mojo: On Record 1893-1956" (Cadence Jazz Books) which is an examination of the roots of pop by way of recorded music.


A Fresh Approach from a Veteran Performer.

Rock Critic Ken Tucker reviews Bonnie Raitt's latest album "Fundamental." Raitt has new record producers working with her. Instead of Don Was, Raitt is using Mitchell Froom and Chad Blake on "Fundamental." They are best known for their work with Suzanne Vega, Los Lobos and Richard Thompson.


Reevaluating Dock Boggs.

Rock historian Ed Ward on Moran Lee Boggs, otherwise known as Dock Boggs, who played banjo like a blues guitar in the 1920s. Boggs died in 1971. His recordings have been collected on a new CD "Dock Boggs: Country Blues" (Reventant label)


An Original, Constantly Surprising Artist.

Rock Critic Ken Tucker reviews two new collections of singer Ted Hawkins who died three years ago at the age of 59. "The Ted Hawkins Story: Suffer No More" Rhino Records and "Ted Hawkins: The Final Tour" Evidence Records.


Literary Gifts for the Music Lover.

Commentator Milo Miles recommends three music books that might make suitable last minute gifts. “The Rough Guide to World Music,” (Penguin) “The Rough Guide to Reggae,” (Penguin) and “Portrait of The Blues.” (DaCapo Press). Miles is former music editor of The Boston Phoenix. He writes about music for The Village Voice and The New York Times.


Saluting Sam Phillips.

Sun Studios founder Sam Phillips. He is revered as one of the leading catalysts in post WW II American music. As a record producer in the 1950s and 60s his recordings launched the careers of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis and that’s just to name a few. Next Month, Phillips will be a celebrity host on the public radio program Beale Street Caravan. Phillips is now in his mid 70s.


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