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Johnny Adams

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Remembering Legendary Rhythm and Blues Singer Johnny Adams.

Adams died Monday at the age of 67. We present a rebradcast of an interview with Adams that took place in December of 1997. He was one of songwriter Doc Pomus' favorite singers. He recorded a collection of Doc Pomus songs, "Johnny Adams sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me." His most recent album is "Man of My Word," released in August (Rounder). Adams died of cancer. (Originally aired 12/12/97)


Remembering Doc Pomus.

The late songwriter Doc Pomus co-wrote such hits as "This Magic Moment," "Save The Last Dance for Me," "Teenager in Love," and "His Latest Flame." We remember Pomus with three interviews:

1) Music critic Peter Guralnick (Gurr-AL-nick), a friend and admirer of Pomus. Guralnick wrote "Searching For Robert Johnson," a book that examined the life of blues musician Robert Johnson. And he's currently working on a biography of Elvis Presley.

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