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Political History Gets Animated in 'Chicago 10'

Director Brett Morgen joins Fresh Air's Terry Gross to discuss his new film, Chicago 10. The film mixes trial footage and animation to tell the story of the "Chicago 8" — protesters held accountable for violence that erupted with police outside the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968.


Remembering Peace Activist David Dellinger

Dellinger, a long-time peace activist, editor and author, died on Tuesday at the age of 88. Dellinger was jailed for civil disobedience a generation before Daniel and Philip Berrigan. He was part of the "Chicago Seven," the group of seven anti-war demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The convention erupted into violence between demonstrators and police. Dellinger was the author of several books, including an account of his spiritual journey From Yale to Jail. (Rebroadcast from April 9, 1993.)



Critic Milo Miles reviews the new documentary and soundtrack Amandla! about protest music in black communities of South Africa during the Apartheid years.


Srdja Popovic

Srdja Popovic is one of the founders of the nonviolent student group which helped bring down Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. The group known as Otpor (the Serbian word for "resistance") had a clenched fist as its symbol, but used humor and theater to ridicule Milosevic and other government officials. The new PBS documentary Bringing Down a Dictator tells their story. Popovic is now a member of Parliament.


Carma Hinton Discusses the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Filmmaker Carma Hinton talks about "The Gate of Heavenly Peace" a film she co-produced with her husband Richard Gordon. The film chronicles the Chinese democracy movement that began in the spring of 1989 and ended in the Tiananmen Square massacre. The film will show on PBS' Frontline program on Tuesday, June 4, 1996 which marks the 7th anniversary. Hinton and her husband run a production company called Long Bow Group, Inc in Brookline, Massachusetts.


A Protestor Remembers the Kent State Shootings

Dean Kahler was wounded in the Kent State University shootings. Fifty years ago, the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of students demonstrating against raids into Cambodia. Four students were killed and nine were injured. The National Guard and Governor of Ohio (who ordered the Guard's presence) were exonerated of any responsibility for the shooting. Kahler was the only survivor to be paralyzed. (Image courtesy of Kent State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives.)

The National Guard advances on student protestors on the campus of Kent State University on May 4, 1970.

Activist David Dillinger on His Life as a "Moral Dissenter"

Dillinger is a longtime peace worker, editor and author. He was jailed for civil disobedience a generation before Daniel and Philip Berrigan. He was part of the "Chicago Seven," the group of seven antiwar demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic National Convention which erupted into violence between demonstrators and police. Dellinger has written six books. His latest is an account of his spiritual journey, "Fram Yale to Jail."


A Path to Peace Through Negotiation, Catching up With China

Two interviews in this segment: First, Terry talks with Roger Fisher, the head of the Harvard Negotiation Project. He explains why it's still not too late to negotiate with Saddam Hussain. Then Terry speaks with journalist and long-time China watcher, Orville Schell; they'll discuss the current trials of some of the leaders of the student-led, pro-democracy movement.


Father Theodore Hesburgh on "God, Country, Notrie Dame"

Reverend Theodore Hesburgh has just published a new memoir about serving as the University of Notre Dame's president for 35 years. His tenure overlapped with the 1960s student movements; Hesburgh did his best to strike a balance between allowing for freedom of expression and maintaining an environment conducive to learning.


Student Movements in China Push for Democracy

China expert Orville Schell says that students in that country are fighting for American-style democracy and greater freedom of expression. In light of the recent Tiananmen Square protests, Schell joins Fresh Air to discuss the history and future of anti-establishment movements.


Four Films from 1970

Critic Ken Tucker reviews four home video releases of movies inspired by the antiwar movement. Three of them, about burgeoning romances amid student demonstrations, don't hold up. But Joe, a film that rejects hippy values, is worth watching, if only for star Peter Boyle's excellent performance.


Dr. Spock: The Institution

At 85, Dr. Benjamin Spock has written and published a new book of parenting advice. Spock's philosophy is informed by both his medical and psychological training. In the 1960s, when he was in his 60s, Spock protested against the Vietnam War -- a decision which was not popular with all his readers.


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