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The Noriega-BCCI Connection.

Jury selection for the Noriega trial starts today. Los Angeles Times reporter Douglas Frantz (FRANZ) has been following the Noriega story and will review events leading up to the trial. Frantz will also tell us about Noriega's BCCI connection.


Civil Rights Leader J.L. Chestnut

Chestnut earned his law degree at Washington D.C.'s Howard University, but soon returned to his hometown of Selma, Alabama, where he opened a law office -- before legal protections like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act were passed. His new memoir is called Black in Selma.


Judge Robert Satter Discusses "Doing Justice."

Judge Robert Satter. Satter is a judge on the Connecticut Superior Court, and in his new book, "Doing Justice: A Trial Judge At Work," he explains such things as how a judge operates, what influences him, and how he deals with conflicting evidence. Satter also gives his ideas on reforms of the jury system that he thinks are necessary to improve the judicial process. ("Doing Justice" is published by Simon & Schuster.)


Life in a Texas Prison.

Albert Race Sample's autobiography "Racehoss: Big Emma's Boy" describe his experiences growing up as the son of a black prostitute and gambler and one of her white clients. Sample later ended up in "Retrieve" a unit of the Texas Prison System, which Race describes as sadistic.


Alan Dershowitz's Philosophy of Law.

Civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz is known as a defender of free speech and an advocate for the right to a passionate defense. Dershowitz has defended many controversial figures and is currently involved in the Claus von Bulow and Jack Henry Abbott cases. He has been a professor at Harvard Law School since the age of twenty-eight. His new book is "The Best Defense."


Anthony Jackson and "The State of Black Philadelphia."

Anthony Jackson is a lawyer who wrote the chapter on the criminal justice system for the Urban League's report "State of Black Philadelphia." For three years, Jackson was the Director of the Police Project at the Public Interest Law Center. He joins the show to discuss race relations and justice in Philadelphia and the entire country.


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