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Alan M Dershowitz

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Civil Liberties Lawyer Alan Dershowitz on His Controversial Career

Dershowitz is one of America's most famous attorneys. He has defended Claus Von Bulow, Mike Tyson, Leona Helmsely, and many other well-known figures. Dershowitz has a reputation for being controversial and out-spoken. He refuses to align himself on the right or the left, but considers himself a civil libertarian. He has written a new book, "Contrary to Popular Opinion," which examines the most difficult legal, political and moral problems of our era.


Defending the Rights of Unpopular People

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz is known for representing figures like Nazis and pornographers in court. His new book, Reversal of Fortune, details the trial of aristocrat Claus von Bulow, who was accused of murdering his wife. Dershowitz secured von Bulow's acquittal.


Alan Dershowitz's Philosophy of Law.

Civil liberties lawyer Alan Dershowitz is known as a defender of free speech and an advocate for the right to a passionate defense. Dershowitz has defended many controversial figures and is currently involved in the Claus von Bulow and Jack Henry Abbott cases. He has been a professor at Harvard Law School since the age of twenty-eight. His new book is "The Best Defense."


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