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Into the "Vortex"

Scott B and his wife Beth B started a low-budget film company called B Movies. Their latest film -- their first shot on 16mm -- is New Wave detective movie starring punk icon Lydia Lunch.


From Football to Film.

Actor Carl Weathers. He stars in the new film "Action Jackson." His first big role was as the fighter Apollo Creed in the four "Rocky" films. Before acting, Weathers played football for the Oakland Raiders.


"Colors" is a Mediocre Hit.

Guest film critic Michael Sragow, film critic for The San Francisco Examiner, reviews "Colors," the controversial film about gangs and gang violence in Los Angeles. It stars Robert Duvall and Shawn Penn, and is directed by Dennis Hopper.


Walter Hill Discusses His New Film.

Walter Hill, the producer, director and writer of "Red Heat," the new cop/action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi. Hill's other directorial credits include "48 Hrs.," "Hard Times," "The Driver" and "Streets of Fire."


An Excellent, Lesser Known Thriller

A new slew of previously unreleased Alfred Hitchcock films are now out on video. Critic Ken Tucker reviews his favorite, Shadow of a Doubt. Also available for home viewing are John Water's Hairspray and the comedy Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.


A Flop in the Theaters Worth Revisiting

The 1967 film Point Blank, directed by John Moorman, never found a wide audience in the U.S. Critic Ken Tucker says the crime thriller was a success nonetheless, with a brutal, fast-moving style and a directorial vision never recaptured in Moorman's later work.


Scottish Film Director Bill Forsyth.

Film director Bill Forsyth. He's the first Scottish director to make internationally successful films, including "Gregory's Girl," "Local Hero," and "Comfort and Joy." His latest film, "Breaking In," has a screenplay by John Sayles and stars Burt Reynolds as a professional safecracker.


Director Mike Figgis.

British film director Mike Figgis. He wrote and directed the film, "Stormy Monday," starring Melanie Griffith, and directed the new movie, "Internal Affairs," starring Richard Gere and Andy Garcia


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