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Smothers Brothers Reunion.

Television Critic David Bianculli previews the 20th anniversary reunion of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour." While the show features some clips from the original programs, it is composed mostly of updated skits featuring comics from including Steve Martin, Leigh French and Pat Paulson. The musicians include Glenn Campbell, John Hartford, Jennifer Warnes and Mason Williams.


Sandra Bernhard Borrows the Worst of Performance Art.

Critic-at-Large Laurie Stone discusses the Off-Broadway one-woman show of comic Sandra Bernhard. Bernhard is best known for her appearances on "Late Night With David Letterman" and in the Martin Scorsese film "The King of Comedy." Her new show is titled "Without You I'm Nothing." It's part stand-up comedy, part satire on the "women of rock and roll."


"Coming to America": A "Supply Side" Movie.

Film Critic Stephen Schiff reviews "Coming to America," the new Eddie Murphy film that co-stars one-time TV talk show host Arsenio Hall. The movie is a comic fable about a pampered African prince who travels to the slums of New York to find the perfect woman.


A Comedienne Who's Better Than Her Act

Critic-at-large Laurie Stone reviews Joan Rivers' new standup act. Stone says the performance loses steam midway through, when Rivers resorts to attacking the women in her audience. Rivers has grown more confident, accomplished and glamorous over the years; Stone hopes her comedy will one day reflect those changes.


A New Breed of Stand-Up Comics

Rock critic Ken Tucker says the recent crop of comedy albums has the chaotic, aggressive spirit of rock music. They don't have the same structure and allure as LPs from the 60s and 70s, but new CDs from Sam Kinison, Will Durst, and Dennis Miller are worth checking out at least once.

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