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Kevin Whitehead

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Dave Holland's Exciting Quintet.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews bassist Dave Holland's new album, "The Razor's Edge," featuring Holland and his quintet - trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, alto saxophonist Steve Coleman, trombonist Robin Eubanks and drummer Marvin Smitty Smith.


A Return to Bop Basics.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews "Wingspan," the new recording from pianist Mulgrew Miller and his quintet. This 32-year-old musician was inspired by McCoy Tyner, but his sound is more spare and compressed than Tyner's.


Benny Carter Helped Develop the Language of Swing.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead pays tribute to Benny Carter, the elder statesman of the alto saxophone. He reviews the new American Jazz Orchestra recording of Carter compositions, featuring Carter, pianist John Lewis and bassist Ron Carter, among others.


"Humanizing the Machinery."

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews the album "Nine Below Zero," by the trio of pianist Wayne Horvitz, cornettist Butch Morris and drummer Bobby Previte. Kevin says the album is one of the more successful attempts to humanize the new electronic instruments like synthesizers, drum machines and rhythm boxes.


Paul Bley's Improvisational Jazz.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a reissue of a 1964 session featuring pianist Paul Bley. In the early years of his career, Bley worked closely with pianist Charles Mingus and saxophonist Ornette Colemen. Since the 60s, he's led his own small groups.

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