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Susan Stamberg

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'It Was Just Thrilling': 2 NPR Founders Remember The First Days, 50 Years Ago

ATC creator Bill Siemering and Susan Stamberg who co-anchored ATC from 1972 to 1986 reflect on the early days of All Things Considered. Siemering says he wanted that first broadcast — and the ones that would follow — to offer a different take on the news: "I wanted to hear voices that aren't heard generally on the air and to have first-person accounts of these things."


Susan Stamberg Proves that Women Can Do News

The NPR broadcast journalist was co-host of the award-winning news magazine "All Things Considered" for fourteen years and the host of the Sunday show "Weekend Edition" from its inception in 1987. She's collected her favorite interviews from the past two decades in a new book, called "Talk."


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