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Bill Siemering

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'It Was Just Thrilling': 2 NPR Founders Remember The First Days, 50 Years Ago

ATC creator Bill Siemering and Susan Stamberg who co-anchored ATC from 1972 to 1986 reflect on the early days of All Things Considered. Siemering says he wanted that first broadcast — and the ones that would follow — to offer a different take on the news: "I wanted to hear voices that aren't heard generally on the air and to have first-person accounts of these things."


Bringing Radio to New Democracies.

Bill Siemering works for "The Open Society Institute," a group that promotes open and free societies. It is funded by the Soros Foundation. He talks about building up radio in third world countries to serve as a tool for democracy. Siemering wrote the mission and goals statement for National Public Radio and served there as its first program director. He also served as V.P. at WHYY-FM in Philadelphia.


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