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Actor Robert Redford

Robert Redford

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At 77, Robert Redford Goes Back To His Roots

Redford says filming All Is Lost was a "pure cinematic experience -- the way films used to be." He talks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about how it's been "sort of weird" being known for his good looks, and about how he nearly wasn't cast in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


From the Archives: Robert Redford Discusses Sundance.

Actor, director, and founder of the Sundance Institute, Robert Redford. He discusses his work in films, and his work promoting independent films, with the festival he founded, the Sundance Film Festival. The Park City, Utah based festival runs Jan 21-31. Stations, This was originally broadcast before last year's festival on 1/12/98.


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At Home At Sea: Robert Redford, At His Best Alone

The actor is a cast of one in All Is Lost, about a man adrift alone in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Fresh Air critic David Edelstein says Redford and director J.C. Chandor have pulled off the ultimate fusion of actor and character. (Recommended)


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