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Nuruddin Farah

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Women in Somalia

Writer Nuruddin Farah's new novel, Knots, is about the terrible conditions for women in Somalia. The central character is a Somali-Canadian woman who returns to Mogadiscio, her native city.


A Somalian Exile's Perspective on American Intervention

Author Nuruddin Farah came from a long line of poets and storytellers; he was one of first to use Somalia's written language, which was developed in the 60s. Prior to that, he wrote in English. He's recently had several books published in the United States. Farah, who's currently in exile in Nigeria, will discuss Somalia's culture and history.


Somalian Writer Nuruddin Farah.

One of Africa's greatest novelists, Nuruddin Farah (New-ru-DEAN Fair-ah). He was born in what is now known as the Somalian Republic. He writes in English, and his work has been widely praised for its treatment of women. His books include, "From A Crooked Rib," "A Naked Needle," and a trilogy, "Variations on an African Dictatorship." For a long time Farah was living in exile because of a death sentence placed against him for his writing. It has since been lifted.


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