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Martin Short

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Actor and comedian Martin Short

His TV series, Primetime Glick, is a spoof of celebrity talk shows. Short plays Jiminy Glick, the self-absorbed host of the fictitious talk show. He interviews A-list celebrity guests, but often gets information about these guests wrong. The new season of Primetime Glick premieres this weekend. Martin Short was a cast member on both Saturday Night Live and SCTV. His movies include Father of the Bride, The Three Amigos, and Innerspace.


Martin Short On Playing Lovable Klutzes.

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Martin Short. Though he only spent one season with the show (1984), he left a lasting impression with his characters such as Ed Grimley, Jr., the cowlicked dork, and his impersonations of Katherine Hepburn and Jerry Lewis.


Comedy Actor Martin Short

Martin Short established himself as a comedic actor on SCTV and Saturday Night Live. He's famous for his physical humor, celebrity impressions, and the memorable characters he invented, like Ed Grimley. Short has since graduated to the silver screen, starring in movies like Innerspace and Three Amigos. His new movie is called Three Fugitives.


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What Happened to the SCTV Alum?

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews two new comedies starring two stars from "SCTV," and wonders why they haven't been more successful. They are Martin Short who's starring with Danny Glover in, "Pure Luck," and John Candy whose new film is "Delirious."

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