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Damon Wayans

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Comedian and Actor Damon Wayans.

Comedian and actor Damon Wayans talks about his new book "Bootleg." (Harper Collins) It features a collection of his humorous observations and advice on everything from relationships to race relations. After making a name on the stand-up comedy circuit in the 1980's Wayans moved on to become one of the original stars of "In Living Color" the show that launched Jim Carrey's career. Damon's film include Hollywood Shuffle, Mo' Money, The Last Boy Scout, Major Payne and Great White Hype.


Family Life Softens Comedian Damon Wayans

Wayans is the brother of actor and director Keenan Ivory Wayans, and has been pursuing a career in stand-up. He's been appearing in films recently like Beverly Hills Cop, though he's frustrated by the lack of complex and varied roles for black actors. Wayans' forthcoming movie is called Earth Girls are Easy.


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