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Comedian and actor Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac

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Bernie Mac, One Of The Original 'Kings of Comedy'

Comedian and actor Bernie Mac died on August 9 due to complications from pneumonia. Mac was one of the original Kings of Comedy, and he starred in his own sitcom. In tribute, Mac's friend and co-star Don Cheadle says, "He will be missed but heaven just got funnier."


Actor and Comedian Bernie Mac

His new film is Mr. 3000. It's about an aging baseball star who returns to the diamond. He's the star of The Bernie Mac Show, a sitcom on Fox. Mac has been a stand up comedian for many years and often appears in films, including Spike Lee's Kings of Comedy. This interview originally aired on Nov. 27, 2001.


Standup comic Bernie Mac

Standup comic Bernie Mac. His sitcom The Bernie Mac Show on the FOX network is loosely based on his own experience when he took care of his sister's three children. It begins its new season on Oct. 30th. This year the show won the prestigious Peabody Award for Broadcast Excellence. Mac has had several HBO specials and was featured in Spike Lee's documentary Kings of Comedy. Mac is also the author of Bernie Mac on How Life Is: I Ain't Scared of You. This interview first aired Nov. 27, 2001.


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