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Barry Sonnenfeld

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"Pushing Daisies"

Co-executive producers Barry Sonnenfeld and Bryan Fuller of the new comedy/drama “Pushing Daises” on ABC. The show combines romance, fantasy and mystery and is about a guy who can bring the dead back to life with a mere touch. Fuller created the series and also created the TV series “Dead Like Me” and was a writer and executive producer on “Heroes.” Sonnenfeld directed the “Men in Black” films and the “Addams Family” films. He also was executive producer of the TV show “The Tick.” (THIS INTERVIEW WAS CONDUCTED BY DAVID BIANCULLI).


Film director Barry Sonnenfeld

Film director Barry Sonnenfeld. His latest movie is Men in Black II, the sequel to his film Men in Black. Both films star Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Sonnenfeld's other films include Wild Wild West, Get Shorty and The Addams Family. Before directing, he worked as a cinematographer. He did three films with the Coen brothers - Blood Simple, Raising Arizona and Miller's Crossing. He also worked on Misery, When Harry Met Sally and Big.


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