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Writer Armistead Maupin poses for a portrait

Armistead Maupin

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Writer Armistead Maupin Discusses His New Novel.

Writer Armistead Maupin, creator of the award winning newspaper serial turned TV series “Tales of the City”. Maupin's new book “The Night Listener” (Harper Collins, 2000) is his first novel in eight years. It examines the relationship that grows between a cult writer and one of his younger radio fans; critics have noted the autobiographical subtext to the story. Maupin won the 1998 Peabody Award for his work in television and has written several novels and two collections of essays. He lives in San Francisco.

Writer Armistead Maupin poses for a portrait

Armistead Maupin Discusses the Latest "Tales of the City" Adaptation.

Armistead Maupin is the author of "Tales of the City." It depicted San Francisco gay and straight lifestyles in the 1970's. In 1994 "Tales of the City" was adapted into a controversial PBS miniseries. His second novel from 1980 "More Tales of the City" (Harper Perennial) has been adapted into a Showtime channel miniseries that begins airing this month.


Writer Armistead Maupin on the Visibility of Gay People

Maupin served in Vietnam and worked for Jesse Helms in his pre-Senate days. When he moved to San Fransisco, he came out of the closet. He was a journalist for several years before writing his "Tales of the City" series, which blended gay and straight storylines. His latest novel, "Maybe the Moon," expounds on Hollywood's hypocrisy, as seen through the eyes of a little person actress. His partner Terry Anderson joins him for the interview.

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