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Beat poet Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg

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Honoring the Life of a Beat Legend

Poet and countercultural activist Allen Ginsberg. He died over the weekend from liver cancer, at the age of 70. We remember him with a 1994 interview; at the time a four-CD boxed set of Ginsberg's work was released, "Holy Soul Jelly Roll - Songs and Poems (1949-1993). (REBROADCAST from 11/8/94)


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Remembering Activist Poet Amiri Baraka.

Baraka was one of the key black literary voices of the 1960s. The political and social views that inspired his writing changed over the years, from his bohemian days as a young man in Greenwich Village to his later years as a Marxist. He spoke to Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 1986.


James Franco, Modern-Day Renaissance Man.

James Franco doesn't just spend his time acting in the movies. The star of Milk, Howl and the forthcoming 127 Hours is also an accomplished writer and graduate student. He explains how he juggles his many roles — and why he continues to take on new challenges.


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