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Milo Miles




Exploring the Tango with Astor Piazzolla.

World music aficionado Milo Miles explores the world of the new tango, and reviews the latest album from the new tango's leading proponent, Argentinian accordionist Astor Piazzolla.


Are Rock Stars Ripping Off Foreign Music?

World music commentator Milo Miles reviews David Byrne's "Brazil Classics" series and talks about the recent trend among Western rock stars to borrow rhythms and singers from the musical traditions of Africa, the Near East, and South America. He asks whether this is valuable exposure for little-known musicians or a form of exploitation.


The Divergent Fates of Two Queens of Salsa.

World Music critic Milo Miles takes a look at the music of two Latin American singers who live as ex-patriots: Celia Cruz and La Lupe. And he considers how being an ex-patriot can influence a singer's work.


The Popular Music of Tanzania.

World music critic Milo Miles looks at the music of Tanzania, and he reviews the new album by Tanzanian musician, Remmy Ongala.


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