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A One-Night Stand Takes A Disturbing Turn In 'Berlin Syndrome'

The title of Cate Shortland's new film, Berlin Syndrome, is a sly riff on "Stockholm syndrome," that condition in which a hostage begins to feel sympathy for her captor. It's never clear what sets the Berlin version apart, and in some ways Shortland and the screenwriter, Shaun Grant, seem to be figuring it out as they go along.


Stylishly Gritty, This Chase Thriller Really Is A 'Good Time'

The directors Josh and Bennie Safdie have attracted a passionate critical following with their films "Daddy Longlegs" and "Heaven Knows What" - both portraits of troubled New Yorkers in desperate circumstances. Continuing in the same vein, their latest film, "Good Time" stars Robert Pattinson in a change-of-pace role as an amateur bank robber. Fim critic Justin Chang has a review.


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