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The Jazz Drummer Who Makes Music Out Of Everything.

Han Bennink hears sonic possibilities in many objects beyond the typical drum set. The Dutch drum maestro, one of the leaders in European free jazz and free improvisation, joined Fresh Air for an in-studio interview and concert. Before he left, he drummed on virtually everything in the office.


Exploring the Case of Theo van Gogh's Murder

Writer Ian Buruma's new book is about the 2004 death of a popular media personality at the hands of a Muslim radical. In writing Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance, Buruma found long-standing tensions between native-born Dutch and Muslim immigrants.


Kevin Whitehead on "New Dutch Swing."

A conversation with our jazz critic, Kevin Whitehead. Kevin's just published a new book, called "New Dutch Swing." (Billboard Books) It's "an in-depth examination of Amsterdam's vital and distinctive jazz scene." Kevin brings along some recordings of his favorite players.


Joseph Heller's "Picture This"

Book critic John Leonard reviews the novelist's new book, about historical figures who live in contemporary times. Leonard says what could have been a thoughtful meditation on the role of art in society instead turns into a narrative mess.


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