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Murrow, Edward R.

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The Lessons of Murrow and 'Good Night'

In several ways, the age of "infotainment" is foretold in Good Night, and Good Luck, set in the 1950s. The film tells of newsman Edward R. Murrow's fight against Sen. Joe McCarthy -- but it also details "the inherent debasement of mass news in a commercial culture."


'Good Night' from George Clooney

Film critic David Edelstein reviews Good Night, and Good Luck, a new film about Edward R. Murrow, tells the story of the famed newsman's clash with Sen. Joe McCarthy. The film, with David Strathairn in the title role, was directed by George Clooney.


NPR Senior Correspondent Bob Edwards

Edwards, former host of NPR's Morning Edition, was reassigned just last week and is now a senior correspondent for NPR. He is the author of the new book Edward R. Murrow and the Birth of Broadcast Journalism. Edwards is also the author of Fridays with Red, about his radio friendship with legendary sportscaster Red Barber.


Fred Friendly on Television News.

Fred Friendly joined CBS television in 1950, and eventually became president of CBS news. Friendly worked extensively with famed journalist Edward R. Murrow. He resigned from CBS in protest after executives went against his decision to telecast the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on Vietnam, and instead aired reruns. After leaving CBS, Friendly became one of the architects of public television. Friendly is currently a professor at the Columbia School of Journalism, and his written several books about history and the Constitution.


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