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The Dead's Drummer Finds Inspiration in World Music

Mickey Hart says his travels around the globe with the Grateful Dead have given him the chance to meet several accomplished musicians from non-Western cultures. He's produced several recordings of their performance, many of which have been released on the Rykodisc label.


Are Rock Stars Ripping Off Foreign Music?

World music commentator Milo Miles reviews David Byrne's "Brazil Classics" series and talks about the recent trend among Western rock stars to borrow rhythms and singers from the musical traditions of Africa, the Near East, and South America. He asks whether this is valuable exposure for little-known musicians or a form of exploitation.


Yemeni-Israeli Musician Ofra Haza.

World music critic Milo Miles reviews the work of Israeli singer Ofra Haza. Haza's the closest thing to a world music "Superstar," with several very successful albums to her credit.


The Career of Saxophonist and Composer Manu Dibango

World music commentator Milo Miles reviews the career of the Afropop pioneer. Dibango grew up in Cameroon, played jazz in Paris, and later returned to his home country. He performs in a wide range of styles, from soul to smooth jazz.


What World Music Is and Isn't.

Commentator Milo Miles discusses the definition of the term "world music." Miles discusses Angelique Kidjo, Deep Forest, Big Mountain.


Ry Cooder's Efforts at Fusion Produce Mixed Results.

World Music critic Milo Miles reviews guitarist Ry Cooder's two new collaborations: with Indian musician V.M. Bhatt ("A Meeting by the River" -- Water Lily Acoustics label), and with African Guitarist Ali Farka Toure ("Talking Timbuktu" -- on the Hannibal/World Circuit/Rykodisc label).


Remembering Don Cherry.

An excerpt of a 9/12/1990 interview with trumpeter Don Cherry. He died recently. He played with Ornette Coleman's free jazz revolution which began in 1959.


Literary Gifts for the Music Lover.

Commentator Milo Miles recommends three music books that might make suitable last minute gifts. “The Rough Guide to World Music,” (Penguin) “The Rough Guide to Reggae,” (Penguin) and “Portrait of The Blues.” (DaCapo Press). Miles is former music editor of The Boston Phoenix. He writes about music for The Village Voice and The New York Times.


Critic Milo Miles

Critic Milo Miles reviews the reissue of The Explorer Series featuring music from around the world that was originally released from 1967 to 1984. The Explorer Series is now being re-released by region. The first is 13 CDs from Africa (on the Nonesuch label).


Franco: Africa's First Modern Pop Superstar.

Congolese guitarist Franco is not well-known in America, despite being one of Africa's greatest pop artists. That might change, now that the the African guitarist and band leader's tracks have been released on two albums, Francophonic Vol. 1 and 2.


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