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Holly, Buddy, 1936-1959

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Director Steve Rash

STEVE RASH is the director of the film "The Buddy Holly Story," a bio-pic of the early rock legend starring Gary Busey. Rash is also the director of "Under the Rainbow," a story of the "Munchkin" auditions for the film "The Wizard of Oz." Rash joins the show to discuss Holly's music and life, share records and rare recordings, and share stories about the making of the film.


Country Outlaw Waylon Jennings on the Story of His LIfe

Jennings had sixteen #1 records, won two Grammy's and four Country Music Awards. He's recognized for helping to unify the country music audience. He intermingled the strict country-only traditions with rock and roll. Jennings was Buddy Holly's bass player; he gave his seat up to the Big Bopper on the plane which would crash, killing Holly and others. Jennings' new autobiography is called "Waylon."


Bobby Vee Pays Tribute to Buddy Holly.

1960's Pop singer Bobby Vee has released a new tribute recording to the late Buddy Holly. This February 3rd marks the 40th Anniversary of Holly's death. Vee was chosen at the last minute to perform at the show Holly was scheduled to appear at. His tribute is "Down The Line" on Rock House Productions. Also a new re-issue on EMI records features his greatest hits.


The Lost Promise Of Buddy Holly

Two albums featuring the late rock 'n' roll icon have been released — Memorial Collection and Down the Line: Rarities. Rock historian Ed Ward considers Holly's music and tragic death.


'Rave On Buddy Holly' Pays Tribute To Holly's Soul

A new tribute album celebrating Buddy Holly has just been released, featuring artists like Lou Reed, Paul McCartney and Cee Lo Green. Rock critic Ken Tucker says Rave On, Buddy Holly is the "rare tribute album that, by and large, succeeds artistically."


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