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Chapter Two of Liverpool's Rock Music Story.

Rock historian Ed Ward examines the second chapter in Liverpool's rock and roll history. After the Beatles, Liverpool became the focus of the emerging punk scene, with bands such as the Deaf School, Teardrop Explodes, and Echo and the Bunnymen.


CBGB's Punk Rock Legacy

Several bands that emerged from the 1970s punk scene -- including Television, the Talking Heads, the Ramones, and Blondie -- got their start at the Manhattan nightclub. Rock historian Ed Ward tells its story.


The Diverse Sounds of Los Angeles Punk

Rock historian Ed Ward talks about how the city's music scene in the late '70s and early '80s incorporated rockabilly with bands like X, and Mexican traditions with Los Lobos.


1981: A Good Year for Black Music, New Wave, and Punk

Rock and roll historian Ed Ward looks back on the music of 1981 -- a year he says was great for black musicians in particular, including Prince, Rick James, and Grandmaster Flash. British bands like Duran Duran dominated, too.


Original Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock.

Musician Glen Matlock. Matlock was an original member of the British punk band, The Sex Pistols. He was kicked out of the band in 1977, and replaced by Sid Vicious. Matlock has written a new book about the band, titled "I Was A Teenage Sex Pistol." (It's published by Faber and Faber).


Punk Rockers Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto.

Two members of the punk rock group Fugazi: singer-guitarist Ian MacKaye and guitarist Guy Picciotto. The Washington, D.C. band has become internationally known despite the fact that the band refuses to sign with a major label. They abhor commercialism and stardom. The impassioned band sings on it's new album, "Steady Diet of Nothing," about having control of their own bodies, TV - "nothing going on in there," and about the supreme court, "Justice Brennan, I know it's not your fault." (the new album is on "Dischord Records.")


Punk Rock Singer Henry Rollins Turns to the Spoken Word

The L.A. based musician and performance artist fronted the punk-rock group, Black Flag. He's also the current leader of the Henry Rollins Band. His spoken word performances go back and forth between comedy and serious commentary. He has a new album of these performances, "Boxed Life," and a video, "Talking from the Box."


Writer, Performer and Activist Nicole Panter

Panter is well known in the punk-rock scene, and was a founding member and writer of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse." She is a member of the punk band Honk if Yer Horny. In 1992, Panter co-founded The Bohemian Women's Political Alliance, a feminist organization of "the teenagers who dressed in black, the bad girls who climbed out of [their] bedroom windows at dark and caught taxis home at dawn."


Punk Singer Greg Graffin Talks Science and Bad Religion

Graffin is the lead singer of the punk band Bad Religion. The group started 15 years ago and helped pioneer the hard rock/punk style of bands like Green Day and Offspring. Bad Religion's eighth recording is "Stranger Than Fiction," and it's their first on a major label. When Graffin isn't performing, he's spending time with his wife and child or working on his Ph.D. in Biology at Cornell.


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