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Good Beats and Good Jokes.

World music critic Milo Miles reviews some funny rap music, “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” (Nijatunes) by the Canadian DJ Eric San, MC Paul Barman’s “It’s Very Stimulating” (WordSound), and “Green Velvet” (F-111) by the DJ Green Velvet.


Buoyant Rap from the South.

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews two new CDS from two Southern hip hop groups: "Tha G-Code" (Cash Money) by Juvenile and "World Party" (Arista) by Goodie Mob.


The Roots of Rap and Hip Hop

Writer and critic Nelson George. He's one of this country's most prominent chroniclers of black music and culture. His new book "Hip Hop America" (Viking) is a history of Hip Hop, and a memoir of his own life, growing up to the musical strains of Hip Hop.


From Funk to Rap.

Critic Milo Miles reviews Volume One of "Kurtis Blow Presents the History of Rap" (Rhino)


Public Enemy's Chuck D Discusses His Memoir.

Chuck D founder of the rap group Public Enemy. With the group's emergence in 1987, they ushered in politically conscious rap, portraying the world of many young urban black men, of limited opportunity, drugs, guns, and violent death. Their song "Fight the Power" was featured Spike Lee's film, "Do the Right Thing." In 1989 the group was the focus of controversy when one of its members, the "minister of information" made anti-semitic comments. Other band members spoke out against the remarks.


L. L. Cool J. On Making His Own Rules.

Veteran rapper LL Cool J has written an autobiography, entitled "I Make My Own Rules" (St. Martin's). In it he talks about his evolving life, from violent beginnings to his entrancement with rhyme and rap in high school, an obsession that made him Def Jam records' first recording artist at age 15. Mostly recognized throughout his recording career as the one with the gold chains and floppy hat, LL is also a two-time Grammy winner, actor, husband, father of three, and role model for youth.


DMC on the Changing Landscape of Rap Music and Culture

Rap vocalist Darryl McDaniels of RUN-DMC talks about the group's success. McDaniels is the "DMC" of the group. They were the first rap group to earn gold, platinum and multi-platinum albums. Their most recent album is "Down with The King" released in 1994. But RUN-DMC is expected to release their next album later this year. The group is credited with bringing new fashions, new dances, and new language to popular culture.


The New Generation of Musical Poets.

Veteran music businessman Bill Alder, and poet Bob Holman are partners of Mouth Almighty Records which is distributing the condensed soundtrack of the PBS series, "The United States of Poetry", a MTV version of the spoken words featuring everything from rappers to beat poets. (the label Mouth Almighty, is distributed by Mercury Records, in New York, 212-333-8000)

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