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Siege of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina : 1992-1996)

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Soprano and Cultural Ambassador Barbara Hendricks

The opera soprano and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Barbara Hendricks has appeared on over fifty recordings and has won critical acclaim in performances with all the major opera companies in the world--but she remains a relatively obscure figure in the United States. This is her seventh year with the UN Commission and she says through her music, she has been able "to get people to listen in a way they wouldn't listen to a diplomat or bureaucrat."


Journalist Tom Gjelten on Covering the Siege of Sarajevo

The NPR foreign correspondent has a new book, called "Sarajevo Daily: A City and Its Newspaper Under Siege." During the height of the conflict, the city was in ruins. But one symbol of hope remained constant for its people: Oslobodjenje, the city's multi-ethnic daily newspaper. When the siege began, the paper's editor vowed, "As long as Sarajevo exists, this paper will publish everyday."


Award Winning Journalist Tom Gjelten on Covering the Siege of Sarajevo

Foreign Correspondent for NPR, Tom Gjelten He's been reporting from Bosnia. Terry will talk with him about what it's been like to cover the war in the former Yugoslavia. Gjelten just won the prestigious George Polk Award for his piece, "Massacre on the Mountain," about a massacre of 200 Bosnian Muslim men. Gjelten also reported on the Gulf War and on the conflicts in Central America.


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