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Down On The 'Boardwalk' With Terence Winter

HBO's Boardwalk Empire, set in Atlantic City in the 1920s, is about organized crime in the era of Prohibition. Series creator Terence Winter, an Emmy Award-winning writer for The Sopranos, details his enduring fascination with New Jersey gangsters.


The History of Prohibition

Journalist and author Edward Behr talks with Terry Gross about his new book "Prohibition: Thirteen Years That Changed America." Behr has written ten other books including: "The Last Emperor," and "Hirohito: Behind the Myth."


Uncovering the Truth of Al Capone

Biographer Laurence Bergreen has just written a biography of Al Capone, called "Capone: The Man and the Era," which challenges many of America's popular beliefs about the famous gangster. Bergreen reveals the complexity of Capone's life by focusing on the personal details of his life -- his marriage, his role as a loving father, and generous giver. Bergreen has also written biographies of James Agee and Irving Berlin.


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