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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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Stephen Engelberg Discusses the "Turning Point" in the Yugoslav War.

Stephen Engelberg of the New York Times. He is a former Eastern Europe correspondent and is presently an investigative reporter in the Washington bureau. Engelberg will reconstruct the story of the turning point in the Bosnian war: how the U.N. and Nato decided to bomb Serb headquarters last May, and then stop after the Serbs took peace keepers hostage.


Update on the Situation in Bosnia.

Journalist Misha Glenny. Glenny has been covering the war in former Yugoslavia--first as correspondent for the BBC and now as an independent journalist. He is the author of the book "The Fall of Yugoslavia." He will talk about the recent mortar attack on the market in Sarajevo and the effects of the recent downing by NATO forces of four Serbian warplanes.


Former Soviet Block Countries and NATO.

British Journalist Timothy Garton Ash. George Kennan has compared Garton Ash's powers of political observation to those of de Toqueville's. ASH's beat is Eastern Europe, and he has been on hand to chronicle the popular disavowal of Communism there (Garton Ash's classic account of the Prague Uprising in 1986 is "The Magic Lantern"). His most recent book concerns the German Re-Unification, and what Germany's role will be in the new Europe: "In Europe's Name: Germany & the Divided Continent" (Random House).


Anticipating the Results of the Recent Cambodian Election

Journalist Stan Sesser is a reporter covering Southeast Asia for the New Yorker. He has collected some of those pieces in a new book "The Lands of Charm and Cruelty: Travels in Southeast Asia." He discusses the recent elections in Cambodia which featured violence, twenty political parties and massive voter turnout


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