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Stephen Engelberg

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Newt Gingrich and GOPAC Revealed.

Investigative journalist for the New York Times, Steve Engelberg. He's the co-author of the article "Birth of a Vision" (Sunday, Dec 3, NYT) about Newt Gingrich and GOPAC, the political committee that supports Republican party candidates and office holders. The organization was headed by Gingrich until last spring. Documents that have just become public disclose that as early as five years ago Gingrich and his "political intimates" planned a takeover of Congress. But they failed to gain support from President Bush.


Stephen Engelberg Discusses the "Turning Point" in the Yugoslav War.

Stephen Engelberg of the New York Times. He is a former Eastern Europe correspondent and is presently an investigative reporter in the Washington bureau. Engelberg will reconstruct the story of the turning point in the Bosnian war: how the U.N. and Nato decided to bomb Serb headquarters last May, and then stop after the Serbs took peace keepers hostage.


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