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Dancing with Margot Fonteyn.

Legendary ballerina Margot Fonteyn was a member of The Royal Ballet and danced professionally for an exceptionally long time. She has danced with partners such as Rudolf Nureyev. Fonteyn will host a series on public television "The Magic of Dance." Fonteyn joins the show to discuss her life, career, and contemporary ballet.


Taking Tap to the Next Level.

Actor, director, and choreographer Maurice Hines comes from the famous tap-dancing family. He is the founder of the company Ballet Tap U. S. A. Hines appears in the film "Cotton Club." Hines joins the show to discuss working as a child with his father and brother, Gregory, touring Europe, learning ballet at the age of 30, the difference between "up-in-the-air," and "close-to-the-floor" tap dance, break-dancing, and the great dancers of film.


Dirty Dancing's Director.

Film director Emile Ardolino. He's made of career of bringing dance to the screen in films like "He Made Me Feel Like Dancing." He's also directed PBS dance specials like "Baryshnikov at the White House." His newest work - the film "Dirty Dancing" - is also about dancing, but the style of dance is quite a departure.


Choreographer Bella Lewitzky

Lewitzky is based in Los Angeles where, early in her career, she danced in a number of motion pictures. Her choreography for the stage conveys simplicity of movement, divorced from any suggestion of narrative. Lewitzky performed until the age of 62.


Marta Renzi Believes in Narrative Dance.

Dancer and choreographer Marta Renzi. Typical of her work is "Mountainview," a half-hour dance narrative that premieres this Thursday, August 3 on the PBS program "Alive From Off Center." "Mountainview" is set at the bar of rundown resort run by three generations of the same family. The families loves and jealousies are played out to the sounds of the jukebox, which features the music of Bruce Springsteen, Tammy Wynette and Aretha Franklin. RENZI choreographed the dances and other movements and collaborated with filmmaker John Sayles on the camera work.


Legendary Director and Choreographer Stanley Donen.

Film Director and choreographer Stanley Donen He directed "On the Town," "Singin' in the Rain," "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," "Funny Girl," and more. He collaborated with Gene Kelly as dance director on such films as "Cover Girl," and "Anchors Away." There's a new biography of Donen, Dancing on the Ceiling: Stanley Donen and his Movies (Knopf), written by Stephen M. Silverman.


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