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Tribute to Bill Evans.

Bill Evans, jazz pianist, died yesterday at the age of 51. Contributor and jazz critic Francis Davis, host of Fresh Air's "interval," a segment on out-of-print jazz, joins the show to pay tribute to Evans.


Jamie Wyeth, Third Generation Painter.

Painter Jamie Wyeth is the son of painter Andrew Wyeth and the grandson of painter and illustrator N. C. Wyeth. The youngest Wyeth is known for his work inspired by Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, the Brandywine River, and Maine, as well as his portraits. The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is celebrating its 175th anniversary, and its closing exhibit showcases Wyeth's work.


The Search For Mary Stuart

Actress Mary Stuart has starred as "Joanne" on the television soap opera "Search For Tomorrow" since 1951. Stuart's autobiography is titled "Both of Me." Stuart joins the show to discuss her career and life.


Leslie Uggams Discuses Her Career in Theater and Television.

Leslie Uggams is an actress and singer known for her roles in the television miniseries "Roots" and "Backstairs at the White House" and the t.v. show "Sing Along with Mitch." She is also well-known for work in musicals and on Broadway. Uggams discusses her career and life including being a child actor, a member of a youth gang, and singing versus acting. Uggams is currently performing in Philadelphia.


Interfaith Marriage Panel.

Evelyn Kaye is a Jewish woman married to a Methodist and author of the book "Cross-Currents: Children, Families & Religion. Reverend Ralph Moore is an Episcopal priest and the director of the Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania. Rabbi Mayer Selekman is a rabbi at Temple Shalom in Broomall, Pennsylvania. They join the show for a panel discussion on interfaith marriage.


Amos Vogel On Film.

Film critic Amos Vogel is a journalist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of "Film as a Subversive Art." His new television series "Reel Philadelphia: An Unusual Film Series" will highlight Philadelphian filmmakers.


Racism's Effects On White People.

Dr. John Morrison is a professor of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. He has recently completed a study about the effects of racism on whites. He joins the show to discuss his work.


Tim O'Brien On Writing About the Vietnam War.

Tim O'Brien is a novelist whose works often deal with the Vietnam War. His most recent novel was "Going after Cacciato," about a soldier in the war. O'Brien is currently guest lecturing at Temple University. He joins the show to discuss Vietnam, writing, and his work-in-progress "The Nuclear Age."


Al Malmfelt On Running an Art Cinema.

Al Malmfelt is the current head of the Theatre of the Living Arts (TLA} cinema on South Street in Philadelphia. The theater was recently threatened with closure in order for Steven Starr to build a nightclub. The TLA has escaped that fate for now. Malmfelt discusses the cinema's founding and current situation, as well as doing business on South Street.


Patricia Stewart and Philadelphia's Outdoor Art.

Patricia Stewart is on the faculty of the Philadelphia College of Art and Moore College of Art. She will be providing commentary on an upcoming "sculpture jog," which is part of the efforts of local art colleges to highlight the outdoor art in the city. Stewart discusses Philadelphia's public art and the "sculpture jog."


Helen Caldicott Speaks Out Against Nuclear Arms.

Helen Caldicott is a pediatrician and the president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. The Australian is a leading figure in the fight against nuclear war and the nuclear arms race. The activist joins the show to discuss the dangers of nuclear weapons here and abroad, and to answer listener calls.


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