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Clive and Carol Robbins Discuss Using Music Therapy With Children.

Clive and Carol Robbins are music therapists. Clive discusses his work with composer Paul Nordoff in the field of music therapy. Carol joins the interview later to discuss the couple's work using music therapy with deaf children. The Robbins also share recordings from sessions with children, including recordings with Nordoff. Carol and Clive Robbins are the founders of the Nordoff-Robbins Center.


Jazz Critic Martin Williams.

Martin Williams is a jazz critic, writer, and academic. He currently works at the Smithsonian Institution. He discusses jazz criticism and the effect jazz has had on classical music. He also shares some of his favorite records.


Protests at City Hall.

Ralph Flood speaks with two groups of protestors gathered at City Hall in Philadelphia. They oppose Jimmy Carter's 1979 budget proposal and the First Bank of Pennsylvania's support of Food Fair in spite of a strike, respectively.


The Gray Panthers: Living Fully At Any Age.

Maggie Kuhn is on of the co-founders of the Gray Panthers -- an advocacy group for older Americans. Dr. John Fryer is a professor of psychology and community health at Temple University and a community activist. They discuss the Gray Panthers and the issues older people face.


The Inventor of the Steadicam Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown invented the Steadicam, a technological innovation which earned him an Oscar. He tells Terry Gross about its effect on cinematography as well as his brief tenure in the folk band Brown and Dana, and his career in advertising.


David Izenzon on the Effects of Marijuana

Jazz bassist and psychotherapist David Izenzon returns to Fresh Air to talk about his group Pot Smokers Anonymous, which supports people who abuse marijuana. Terry Gross invites listeners to call in to share their own experiences.


From Jazz Bassist to Psychotherapist

David Izenzon is classically-trained bass player who performs with free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman. Later in life he became a psychotherapist, and now works to educate people about the dangers of marijuana abuse.


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