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Maureen Corrigan

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What People Were Reading During The Depression

What can old issues of Publishers Weekly tell us about reading habits in dire economic times? Maureen Corrigan cracks open some of the magazine's 1933 issues and learns that readers today aren't so different from our Depression-era brethren.


Mailer Remembered as Controversial, Provocative

Norman Mailer's work combined sweeping cultural criticism, erudition and obscenity.

Mailer's 60-year career was full of depth and controversy. The novelist, who died Nov. 10, was often deliberately provocative, says book critic Maureen Corrigan.

And though he made perhaps his strongest impact as an essayist and journalist, Mailer wanted to be remembered as a novelist.


Vivian Gornick and Maureen Corrigan

Writer Vivian Gornick responds to a commentary we broadcast last week by book critic Maureen Corrigan about Gornick's admission that she had invented some scenes and conversations in her acclaimed memoir. Book critic Maureen Corrigan responds to Vivian Gornick's comments.


Book Critic Maureen Corrigan

Book critic Maureen Corrigan comments on Vivian Gornick's recent admission (which she has since denied) that she had invented some scenes and conversations in her memoir.


Eudora Welty

Book critic Maureen Corrigan has an appreciation of writer Eudora Welty who died earlier this week, and a review of Zigzagging Down a Wild Trail by Bobbie Ann Mason

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