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Vivian Gornick

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Vivian Gornick and Maureen Corrigan

Writer Vivian Gornick responds to a commentary we broadcast last week by book critic Maureen Corrigan about Gornick's admission that she had invented some scenes and conversations in her acclaimed memoir. Book critic Maureen Corrigan responds to Vivian Gornick's comments.


Essayist Vivian Gornick on Living Alone

Gornick talks with Terry Gross about her new collection "Approaching Eye Level." Gornick writes about the many issues she's wrestled with: fear of loneliness, being alone, and her need to live in a city. She also writes essays on avoiding marriage, why the telephone has killed the letter, and post-divorce living.


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Book Critic Maureen Corrigan

Book critic Maureen Corrigan comments on Vivian Gornick's recent admission (which she has since denied) that she had invented some scenes and conversations in her memoir.


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