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William Greider

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Journalist William Greider on the "Manic Logic of Global Capitalism"

Greider is National Editor for Rolling Stone, and a former Washington Post editor. He assesses the state of the global economy in his new book "One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism." He writes that an industrial and economic revolution is taking place in the world, and that its effects may be far greater than that of the industrial revolution.


How Interest Rates Affect Average Consumers

William Greider is a political reporter for Rolling Stone Magazine. His most recent contribution is titled, "Why the Rich Get Richer." Greider speaks with Terry about his most recent article, the status of our economy, and the just announced interest rate hike. Greider is also author of two best-selling books "Secrets of the Temple" and "Who Will Tell the People: the Betrayal of American Democracy."


William Greider Discusses the Roots of American Decay.

Investigative reporter William Greider. He's written a new book about the breakdown of democracy in the United States, "Who will tell the people: The Betrayal of American Democracy." (published by Simon and Shuster). It's also the subject of Greider's "Frontline" documentary on PBS this week. He's also the author of "Secrets of the Temple," about the inner workings of the Federal Reserve.


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