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Vince Vaughn

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Actor Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn teams up again with –Swingers— costar John Favreau in the new movie, –Made.— The movie, written and directed by Favreau, follows two aspiring boxers who concoct a money laundering scheme. Vaughn has appeared in several movies including –Swingers,— –The Lost World,— the remake of Alfred Hitchcock –Psycho,— and –The Cell.—


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Film maker Jon Favreau

He wrote and starred in his films which include the hipster comedy Swingers and Made (which he also directed). In each film he teamed up with fellow actor and friend Vince Vaughn. Recently he also starred in the romantic comedy Love and Sex. His latest project is a new talk show series Dinner For Five which he created and hosts for the Independent Film Channel


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