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Tony Hiss

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A Son Tries to Clear His Father's Name

Alger Hiss & his son Tony Hiss. This is the infamous Alger Hiss who was convicted and jailed in 1950 for perjury after denying, under oath, that he had been a Soviet spy. This past October, with the opening of Soviet archives, there was found to be no evidence that Hiss had ever been an agent of the Kremlin. Hiss is 88 years old now, and has maintained his innocence all along. His son, Tony Hiss is a staff writer at "The New Yorker," and he wrote about his father's ordeal and exoneration in the November 16 issue of the magazine.


A Writer on How to Find a Comfortable Place

New Yorker staffer Tony Hiss has a new book compiling several of his articles for the magazine, called The Experience of Place. His writing concerns the emotional dimensions of city planning. Hiss is the son of Alger Hiss, who was charged with treason during the McCarthy era.


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